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Magnetic Grids & Grates

Magnetic Grids & Grates

Our Best Selling Product!

Magnetic grids are extremely efficient at removing fine iron contamination from dry free flowing powders and granulates.

Contamination such as rust,stainless steel scrapings and wear from machinery are often too small to be detected by a metal detector, but is easily removed by these highly efficient grids.

The product flows throught the grid. Any contamination is immediately attracted to the grid's powerful magnetic rods. The contamination is pushed to undersides of the rods, where it is securely held, out of the way of the wash-off effects of continuous product flow.

The grids require no power and no maintenance (except for cleaning) and are quick and easy to install. Once the grid is in position you know it's working.


  • 304 or 316L stainless steel are available for pipeline material which have a good corrosion resisting property without and less pollution.
  • Standard magnetic grates are assembled with stainless steel frame and magnetic bars with a length of 25 mm diameter.
  • The surface of the frame and magnetic bar can be fine polished and meet the standard of food or pharmacy industry.
  • Standard working temperature≤80℃, and maximum working temperature can reach 350℃ as required.
  • Normal (N style), Easy-cleaning (E style), grate with angle baffles or rod are available.

Magnetic Grate Square Type

MODEL NO Dimension(mm) Bars Weight(Kg)
MG10/10S 100 100 40 2 1
MG15/15S 150 150 40 3 2.2
MG20/20S 200 200 40 4 3.7
MG25/25S 250 250 40 5 5.5
MG30/30S 300 300 40 6 8
MG35/35S 350 350 40 7 10
MG40/40S 400 400 40 8 13.5
MG45/45S 450 450 40 9 17
MG50/50S 500 500 40 10 20.5

Magnetic Grate Round Type

MODEL NO Dia H Bars Weight(Kg)
MG-R100 100 40 2 0.9
MG-R150 150 40 3 1.5
MG-R200 200 40 4 2.5
MG-R250 250 40 5 3.7
MG-R300 300 40 6 5.5
MG-R350 350 40 7 7.5
MG-R400 400 40 8 10
MG-R450 450 40 9 12.3
MG-R500 500 40 10 15.5

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Magnetic Grids & Grates

Magnetic Grids & Grates

Magnetic grids are extremely efficient at removing fine iron contamination from dry free flowing powders and granulates.Contamination such as rust,sta..

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