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Magnetic Materials and Grades

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There are a number of major families of permanent magnets available. They range from ferrite, which is low cost and low energy, to rare earth materials, which are more expensive and offer higher performance. Many factors affect the choice of magnetic material, such as operating temperature, size, weight constraints, environmental concerns and required magnetic energy. More information on our specific magnet materials is available through the links below.


  Material Max Operating Temperature Max Magnetic Energy Product Resistance to Demagnetization
Dark_Blue Neodymium Iron Boron (Nd-Fe-B) 200ºC 52 MGOe Very High
Green Samarium Cobalt (Sm-Co) 300ºC - 350ºC * 32 MGOe Very High
Orange Alnico 550ºC 10 MGOe Low
Brown Ceramic (Hard Ferrite) 300ºC 4 MGOe Moderate

*view grades for grade-specific information

Magnet Type and their characteristics

Residual flux
12 4.4 11 13
Magnetic coercive
0.6 3.2 6.8 12
- 3.3 7 17
Maximum energy
product (BH)max
(MGOe) 5 4.6 30 40
Temperature coefficient Br
-0.02 -0.18 -0.03 -0.11
Curie temperature Tc 850 460 800 320


7.3 5.0 8.4 7.5

Characteristic map

Conversion of si units and conversional units

Item SI unit Conventional unit Conversion rate
Magnetic flux Wb Mx 1 Mx=10-8Wb
Magnetomotive force A Gilbert 1 Gilbert=0.795775A
Magnetic field strength A/m Oe 1 Oe=79.5775A/m
Magnetic coercive force
Flux density T(=V s/m2) G 1 G=10-4T
Magnetic energy product J/m3 GOe(=erg/cm3) 1 MGOe=7.95775kj/m3
Magnetic permeability (absolute permeability) H/m(=V s/A m) G/Oe 1 G/Oe=1.25664uH/m
Specific magnetic permeability Absolute number Absolute number Identical
Neodymium Super Bar Magnets N35 20X10X3

Neodymium Super Bar Magnets N35 20X10X3

Neodymium Block Magnets,20X10X3, Ni-Cu-Ni, Grade_N35

Rectangular Block Magnet Neodymium N35 40X20X10

Rectangular Block Magnet Neodymium N35 40X20X10

Neodymium Block Magnets,40X20X10, Ni-Cu-Ni, Grade_N35

Neodymium Super Bar Magnets N35 40X10X5

Neodymium Super Bar Magnets N35 40X10X5

Neodymium Block Magnets,40X10X5, Ni-Cu-Ni, Grade_N35