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Which type of pot magnet should you choose?

Countersunk pot magnet attached to an exhibition display sign

Countersunk pot magnets

A countersunk pot magnet should be chosen when a pot magnet needs to be attached to a non-ferromagnetic material securely, for example, for an exhibition display sign.

This pot magnet would be an ideal choice, as the use of a countersunk screw to attach the magnet means that the pot magnet is not easily removed.

Deep pot magnet holding an articulated arm gauge

Internal threaded pot magnets

When choosing a pot magnet to be used as a magnetic base, the best type to choose would be an internal threaded pot magnet. This is because it allows you to attach your instrument, for example an articulated gauging arm, securely with the aid of a threaded hole.

Deep internal threaded pot magnet

The added depth of a deep internal threaded pot magnet also provides stability to the object when it is used as a magnetic base.

The depth of a deep internal threaded pot magnet can vary. For more information, see the page: What internal threaded pot magnet sizes are available?

Under water treasure

Through hole pot magnets

The best pot magnet to use as a retrieval magnet to collect ferromagnetic material, such as coins, from hard-to-reach places, would be a through hole pot magnet. This is because a piece of strong rope can be threaded through the boss (through hole) and tied to the magnet without affecting its magnetic ability

Bi-pole pot magnets

A bi-pole pot magnet is the ideal magnet to be used as a jig or fixture. A bi-pole pot magnet provides a higher magnetic pull than other magnets and can be easily glued into place. This allows the user to create a jig and provide a strong holding force for a fixture.

Internal threaded stud pot magnet with attached hook

Stud pot magnets

A stud pot magnet should be chosen by a user who intends to use a pot magnet as a ceiling magnet.

A stud pot magnet has the ability to attach accessories such as hooks or eyebolts, which enables it to be used as a holder for supermarket signs that hang from the ceiling.

For more information, see the page: Neodymium Pot Magnets - External Threaded Stud, Neodymium Pot Magnets - Internal threaded Stud