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Neodymium Ball Magnet manufacturer & supplier

Neodymium Ball Magnets (Round type)

Rare Earth Neodymium Ball (Spheres) Magnets come in different sizes and strengths. They are axially magnetized, meaning the direction of the magnetic field come from the north and south poles of the sphere. The Neodymium nature of the magnets mean that they possess incredible strength for their size.

Often used in creative applications, our Neodymium Spheres Magnets are great for artists to incorporate into their work and can be used to build any sort of shape or structure. They can also be used for any kind of nifty repair around the home due to their immense strength! Due to their unique shape and their small size they are able to fit into most small spaces and are useful in mechanical applications. The external surface is coated in nickel, gold, perfect for protecting the magnet against corrosion and scratching and gives it a smart exterior appearance.

We supply any standard, custom, and OEM magnets of Ball and Grade from the N35-N52, N35M-N48M, N35H-N48H, N33SH-N45SH, N28UH-N38UH, and N28EH-N35EH series at the lowest price within 10-15 days. The following coatings are available: Nickel (Ni-Cu-Ni), Zn, Gold, Silver, Epoxy, Parylene, Teflon, Other.

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Ball Type

Neodymium Ball Magnets Neodymium Ball Magnets


ODRemarksSurface magnetic flux density
3 ØGold plated3.2320
5 ØGold plated4.5450
8 ØGold plated5.5550
10 ØGold plated5.8580
15 ØGold plated6.5650
1)3 ØNi plated3.2320
5 ØNi plated4.5450
8 ØNi plated5.5550
10 ØNi plated5.8580
15 ØNi plated6.5650

Magnetization Direction

Magnetization Direction

Engineering drawing is important and necessary for Sphere shaped magnets. To avoid any misunderstanding of the dimensions and positions, please provide a clear drawing with detailed specifications, tolerance and additional requirements if any.

We list some drawings of common types of neodymium magnet ball as follows for your information.

Drawing of Neodymium ball magnets

Surface treatmen

For iron component (about 66%), it is easy disadvantages oxidizing power is strong rust there often (neodymium magnet) Nd-Fe-B sintered magnet. Surface treatment that a mandatory essential to prevent it, there is a method using various materials in it. To determine the material of plating depending on the environment used is neodymium.

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Salt spray test12 hours24 hours36 hours24 hours48 hours48 hours