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Neodymium Rod & Cylinder Magnets

Rod shape magnets are long circular magnets where the length is equal to or greater than the diameter.

Neodymium rod magnets are typically used in medical, sensor, read switches, meters, and holding applications. Neodymium rod magnets can be magnetized through the length or across the diameter. The shape of a neodymium rod magnet produces a magnetic field with a longer reach.

Need a specific Neodymium Rod Magnet size and performance? If you require a specific size Rare Earth Neodymium Rod Magnet, please contact us.

Neodymium Rod Magnets

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Neodymium Rod Magnets (Round type)

Rare Earth Rod Magnets (Neodymium) are ideal for applications requiring the embedding of magnets with more than average length, e.g. acrylic signage, picture frames, joinery.

With superior size to strength ratio, Rare Earth Rods are suitable for a wide range of applications. TCM Magnetics neodymium rod come in a variety of sizes, dimensions and grades. They are handy, all-purpose magnets commonly used in the art display industry, mining, engineering, construction, lighting, teaching facilities and for many other commercial and industrial purposes.

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Rod Type (Cylinder Type)

Rod Type Neodymium Magnets


OD × L Shape Surface
flux density
kG mT kgf N
1φ × 5Rod Magnets 1.5 150 0.05 0.49
1.4φ × 5Rod Magnets 1.5 150 0.08 0.78
1.5φ × 8Rod Magnets 2.0 200 0.09 0.88
2φ × 5.5Rod Magnets 3.5 350 0.12 1.18
2φ × 7Rod Magnets 3.8 380 0.2 1.96
2.3φ × 4.5Rod Magnets 3.3 330 0.15 1.47
2.5φ × 6Rod Magnets 3.6 360 0.23 2.26
3φ × 5Rod Magnets 3.4 340 0.4 3.92
3φ × 6Rod Magnets 3.6 360 0.42 4.12
3φ × 10Rod Magnets 4.0 400 0.5 4.90
4φ × 8Rod Magnets 4.0 400 0.7 6.86
OD × L Shape Surface
flux density
kG mT kgf N
5φ × 8Rod Magnets 3.7 370 0.8 7.85
5φ × 10Rod Magnets 4.0 400 0.9 8.83
5.5φ × 8Rod Magnets 3.9 390 1.0 9.81
6φ × 10Rod Magnets 4.0 400 1.1 10.79
6φ × 23Rod Magnets 5.0 500 2.5 24.52
9φ × 10Rod Magnets 4.2 420 2.2 21.57
16φ × 30Rod Magnets 5.0 500 15.0 147.10
17.5φ × 20Rod Magnets 4.7 470 17.0 166.71
19φ × 40Rod Magnets 5.2 520 19.0 186.33
22.5φ × 25Rod Magnets 5.0 500 24.0 235.36
23.5φ × 25Rod Magnets 5.0 500 27.0 264.78

Magnetization Direction



Engineering drawing is important and necessary for rod shaped magnets. To avoid any misunderstanding of the dimensions and positions, please provide a clear drawing with detailed specifications, tolerance and additional requirements if any.

We list some drawings of common types of Neodymium magnet rod as follows for your information.

Drawing of Neodymium cylinder magnets

Surface treatmen

For iron component (about 66%), it is easy disadvantages oxidizing power is strong rust there often (neodymium magnet) Nd-Fe-B sintered magnet. Surface treatment that a mandatory essential to prevent it, there is a method using various materials in it. To determine the material of plating depending on the environment used is neodymium.

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