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Neodymium countersunk magnet is special type of neodymium disc/block magnet with a hole fit for screw. TCM Magnets can provide neodymium countersunk magnets for various applications.

Rare Earth Countersunk Disc Magnets N35

Rare Earth Countersunk Disc Magnets N35 - Neodymium Countersunk Magnets

Rare Earth Countersunk Disc Magnets N35

  • Min.Order Quantity: 1000 Piece/Pieces
  • Solution: Customized you required material, grade, size, coating, shape, grade, pull force and woking temperature
  • Port: FOB Ningbo
  • Payment method: T/T Paypal

Magnet Size
Maximum operating temperature
Rare Earth Countersunk Disc Magnets N35 are used with screw, they are common in neodymium magnets. We can produce neodymium countersink magnets with high size precision. The Neodymium Countersunk Magnets on the picture is OD10x2 mm, ID 3.2 mm

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  • MaterialNdFeB
  • ShapeDisc with countersunk hole
  • GradeN35
  • CoatingNi-Cu-Ni
  • Max temperature80˚C (176˚F)
  • Diameter10 mm
  • Thickness (H)2 mm
  • Hole3.2 mm
  • Pulling Force~ 0.60 Kg
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