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Magnetic Coupling

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Magnetic couplings are generally used to transmit torque from one system to another where the magnetic transmission is required to maintain a hermetic seal to prevent leakage and contamination. The couplings are synchronous and the output shaft speed is exactly equal to the input speed and these types of coupling can be designed with a maximum 100% efficiency.

Magnetic couplings are widely used in pump systems to isolate the electrical motor from the liquid. This has the advantage of removing the dynamic seals which have a finite lifetime and are prone to leakage, which can cause failure of the machine and contamination of the working fluid. A membrane/seal wall is located in the magnetic gap between the rotors providing complete isolation between the wet and dry systems. Magnetic couplings can also be used to introduce compliance into the drive train and can ultimately be used as a torque fuse to protect the system drive components.

We look beyond the magnet to the application and help drive cost savings opportunities with our customers. Our technical staff can assist in streamlining the design of your assembly as well as help assure you are using the most appropriate magnet for your application.

From permanent magnets to large complex magnetic assemblies, TCMAG has a legacy of designing, manufacturing and delivering systems to meet the needs of our partners and their application requirements.

The various types of magnetic coupling

Magnetic Coupling Magnetic Coupling Magnetic Coupling
Magnetic Coupling Magnetic Coupling Magnetic Coupling
Magnetic Coupling Magnetic Coupling Magnetic Coupling

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