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N55 Neodymium Magnets

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The theoretical (BH)max value of NdFeB magnet is 512kJ/m3(64MGOe). The (BH)max of N52 already achieved 90% of theoretical limit. The question in the mind of many users – is there any grade stronger than N52 magnet? N55 is the most powerful grade available currently for commercial use.

N55 magnets are the strongest magnets available nowadays for commercial use. Neodymium rare earth magnets strength is measured on a scale of 24MGOe-55MGOe. These powerful magnets were developed quite recently. This new grade of neodymium magnets is 5-6 percent stronger in compare with the more common N52 grade.

Therefore, these magnets are used in specific applications requiring maximum magnetic strength in a small space. Due to its strong magnetic field, N55 grade is ideal for fine and delicate work were small size really matters. It is truly a super strong magnet.

The notes about N55 magnets

In order to guarantee the N55 magnet have desirable saturation magnetization, The manufacturer will not use the heavy rare earth elements and other metallic elements to enhance the intrinsic coercivity of magnet, then will further influence the Max. Operating Temperature of magnet. The Max. Operating Temperature of N55 magnet only about 60℃.The N55 magnet have strong attraction force, any may cause bone fractures.


Large N55 Magnets, N55 Disc Magnets, D100×60mm