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N52 Strong Disc Neodymium Magnets

N52 Strong Disc Neodymium Magnets

N52 Strong disc neodymium magnets

Permanent N52 Neodymium disc magnet

  • Material:Sintered NdFeB Magnet / Rare earth Neodymium magnet;
  • Grade: N52 ;
  • Shape:Disc shape(Arc, Ring Magnet with countersunk, Rare earth rod magnet ...for choice);
  • Size: according to customers' request;
  • Coating: Gold,Silver,Ni/Nickel,NiCuNi/Nickel-Cu-Nickel,Black Nickel,Zn/Zinc,Epoxy,Cu And etc;
  • Application: Sensors, Motors, Rotors, wind turbines,wind generators, loudspeakers, magnetic hooks, magnetic holder, filters automobiles and so on;
  • Certificate: ISO/TS 9001:2008;

General Directions of Magnetization for your choice:

  • Thickness Magnetized
  • Axially Magnetized
  • Diametrally Magnetized
  • Multi-poles magnetized
  • Radial Magnetized
  • Customzied specific requirements magnetized

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Superior Quality: Highly professional Dailymg QC team, high quality raw materials with 100% guarantee, and excellent consistency! Demagnetizing curve optional.
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Demagnetization Curves & Outgoing Inspection Report for each customer.

Demagnetization Curves & Outgoing Inspection Report for each customer.