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Neodymium Magnets To Stick In The Safe

I believe most people have seen or used the safety deposit box, The market at present the conventional safety deposit box is divided into the mechanical, electronic, print, such as credit card, the low rate of mechanical safety deposit box has the opening of which, the characteristics of complex structure.Electronic safe deposit box have the easy to open, the characteristics of vibration and fault alarm code.Now that is a safe natural and ultimately of material made of metal iron, Foreign physicists of a lamb, he considered that the use of neodymium magnets can actually open the safety deposit box in 1 second, but many people are to hold doubt attitude.

Neodymium magnet is also known as the king of the magnet, Its Magnetic very strong, the lamb that the neodymium magnet magnetic metal can easily move the safety deposit box lock structure, so as to achieve the purpose of the lock.

Firstly, the lamb will be in the neodymium magnets into a black cloth bag, and then paste it in the safety deposit deposit box as the conventional electronic safety deposit box in the experiment, enter the password you can open it.

Then, you can see the lamb not move neodymium magnets, inside white plastic near the metal card buckles and didn't move, so this case is unable to open the safety deposit box.

Later, when the Lamb shift after neodymium magnets, the metal card buckles was directly drew back inside, and can also shake the hand of the safety deposit box.

Finally, the electronic safety deposit box easy to be a neodymium magnet to open, the most amazing is less than 2 seconds before.The deficiency of the magnetic properties of was not the king of the magnet, Nearly 5 centimeters of the safety deposit box it's the same with the paper in front of neodymium magnet metal door, which was adsorbed on the metal card buckles easily caught.If it were an ordinary magnet sure can't do this, I have to say, this is really an eye-opener!Get share out the paper, let the others also saw how to open the safety deposit box of the neodymium magnet. cheap rare earth magnets